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At Velocity, we elevate your digital presence through our exclusive digital publication offerings on our renowned platforms, and This service is ideal for B2C marketing, targeting extensive audiences with precision and impact. Our commitment involves creating impactful digital content tailored to your brand's needs, from engaging advertorials to eye-catching web banners. Our approach is to seamlessly integrate your brand into the daily content experience of our readers, fostering recognition and trust.


  • Experience the impact of bespoke advertorials crafted to showcase your brand’s unique story and value proposition.
  • Maximise reach with promotional emails, tailored to engage and resonate with our dedicated subscriber base.
  • Enhance brand visibility with strategically placed web banners across and
  • Boost engagement through inclusion in our popular newsletters, connecting your brand with a loyal and engaged audience.
Jo is the go-to site in Gauteng, covering all things lifestyle in the City of Gold. We take pride in delivering valuable content to our readers, making sure they always have something fun to explore.

Pretoria Logo-2 is your one-stop destination for the latest reviews, articles and event listings in the Jacaranda City. We are dedicated to finding the best, hip and happening content to share with our readers.


Key Offerings

Promotional Emails: Personalised to engage and resonate with our dedicated subscriber base, these emails serve as direct invitations to your brand, driving traffic and conversion.
Strategic Web Banners: Positioned across and for maximum exposure, these banners act as gateways to your brand, enhancing online visibility.
Newsletter Inclusion: Feature in our popular newsletters, connecting your brand with a loyal and engaged audience, and leveraging the trust and interest we've cultivated among our readers.

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Kerry Oliver

"Working with Barbara and the team at Velocity Media is always a pleasure. Professional team, professional approach, smart advertising proposals /options with great results."

Joanna Vargas

"Awesome company to advertise your business or event with! Always superb and speedy service"

Simon Carter

"I have worked with Velocity promoting many live shows over the years. They are incredible and the ticket sales performance speaks for itself."

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