Attracting and converting with a lead magnet

Attracting and converting with a lead magnet

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    Data will soon be worth its size in gold. There are so many ways to collect client information. From competition mechanics, social media lead generation ads and lead magnets. In this article, we will be focusing on 10 of the most effective lead magnets used.

    Attracting and converting with a lead magnet

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    What Is a Lead Magnet?
    Lead Magnet Ideas to Try
    FAQs About Lead Magnets

    What Is a Lead Magnet?

    Lead magnets in marketing are an effective technique for gaining a prospect's contact information to update your database. The problem is these magnets can take a lot of time and energy to produce. Being leaders in database management we will show you nine different lead magnets you can create re-purposing content you already have.

    A lead magnet is a marketing tool that generates leads by offering a long-form resource in exchange for a prospect's contact information. Leads magnets can take the form of ebooks, templates, and similar downloadable assets. This exchange takes place at the second stage of a buyer's conversion path.

    Before we share lead magnet examples, let's quickly review the conversion path step by step that turns a website visitor into an opted-in lead:

    1. Call to Action (CTA): This is the button that blog readers and website visitors click to access the resource (e-book, guide, podcast, etc) you're offering through this lead magnet.
    2. Landing Page: After visitors click the CTA, they're brought to a landing page where they'll fill out a form with their name, email address, and any other relevant information they've deemed important.
    3. Thank You Page: The visitor is then led to a page where they can download your resource.
    4. Trigger/Follow-up Email: This email is your follow-up message to the lead a short time after the exchange takes place. This email can be marketing-related to keep them engaged with your brand.

    Every blog post in your archive has the potential to generate new leads for your company, so let's make sure that your blog is a lead-generating machine.

    Lead Magnet Ideas to Try

    1. The Mini Ebook

    The mini ebook is perfect when you have a series of blog posts about a related subject. For example, if you were running an online pet store, you might pick out the following posts from your blog to combine into an ebook:

    • The 5 pieces of equipment that every puppy needs
    • The ultimate guide to house training a puppy

    This type of ebook is effective because you're making the lives of your website visitors easier - which should be the goal of any lead magnet you create. The most successful lead magnets offer an irresistible and instant reward to your visitors, and the mini ebook checks off that box.

    2. The Ultimate Guide

    If you're in an industry that is already well established, it can be hard to come up with original content. Sometimes other people have covered a subject in such detail that it's almost impossible to add extra value. In this situation, I'd recommend producing an Ultimate Guide.

    The main difference between this and a mini ebook? You're not recycling posts from your blog; you're linking directly to other sites. You mustn't copy and paste someone else's content into your guide but rather include a link back to the original article.

    3. The Bonus Pack

    Offering additional content that is not included in the original blog post is the perfect way to reward readers who opt in. If you have an article titled "The 5 Pieces of Equipment That Every Puppy Needs," you could offer readers an exclusive PDF with a few more pieces of equipment that may have come on the market since the original post was published.


    4. The Resource Guide

    If you've already written a strategic blog post, consider offering a Resource Guide as a lead magnet. A Resource Guide is a collection of things that help people achieve results. A great example is the one below.

    lead magnet

    The Resource Guide could be as simple as a list of five books or apps that you recommend. Since it's easier to buy a tool to get results than it is to implement a strategy, your readers will love this.

    5. The Checklist

    Instructional blog posts are just waiting to be turned into Checklists - and they couldn't be easier to create. Just take your blog post and simplify it into a series of bullet points. Next, remove any points that don't contain actionable advice. Split the list into several numbered steps to make the outcome more achievable. Here is a great example:

    Lead magnet idea for a webinar checklist

    6. The Workbook

    The Workbook is an incredibly effective lead magnet, especially for service businesses. In its simplest form, a Workbook is a download-and-complete resource that helps people to apply the principles of your blog post to their own business.

    Neil Patel offers this highly practical Workbook for writing blog posts that rank in Google. It includes exercises like planning your blog post structure and experimenting with different introductions.

    7. The Case Study

    Case studies depend on very specific types of content, but the successes they reveal can move a customer to take action.

    Keep in mind you'll need permission and approval from the client on which you'd like to create a case study.

    8. The Secret

    One of the best lead magnets we’ve ever used was the secret or the hint magnet. With Generation Z wanting to be in the know about everything, tempting their curiosity was just the right method to use.

    CTA for a resource that reveals an industry secret

    This call-to-action was pitch-perfect because it got website visitors curious. They simply wanted to know what the email subject was and not be bombarded with the content of an e-book. This promised to be a relatively short read so they wouldn't have to commit to a lengthy ebook -- lazy, we know, but that's human nature sometimes.

    9. Webinar

    Webinars don't have to be long, collaborative presentations with multiple colleagues or partners. If you've got a blog post that merely touches on a subject you're an expert in, use this blog post as a springboard into a live talk hosted by you and a coworker.

    10. The Cheat Sheet

    If your blog post covers a complicated topic, it might be a good idea to offer readers a one-page sheet that they can refer back to when they need to refresh their memory. This could be a glossary of terms or just a brief summary of some key points.

    This type of download-and-keep resource takes the pressure off readers so they don't have to memorise or implement your strategy immediately. It does compel readers to opt-in to your list though which is the ultimate aim.

    Ready to maximise the effectiveness of lead magnets in your marketing strategy? Velocity is here to help you create interesting, high-converting lead magnets that will attract and nurture your target consumers. We can take your lead generation efforts to the next level by using our experience in developing customised content that connects with your audience. Contact Velocity now to see how we can revolutionise your marketing strategy and get tangible results for your company. Let us work together to transform your prospects into loyal clients.

    FAQs About Lead Magnets

    1. Why are Lead Magnets Important?

    Lead magnets are crucial because they help businesses build a list of potential customers who have expressed interest in their products or services. By providing valuable content, businesses can nurture these leads, gradually guiding them through the sales funnel towards making a purchase.

    2. What Makes an Effective Lead Magnet?

    An effective lead magnet must offer real value to the target audience, solve a specific problem, and be immediately accessible. It should be relevant to your business and compelling enough to encourage users to exchange their contact information for it.

    3. How Do I Choose the Right Lead Magnet?

    Choosing the right lead magnet depends on your target audience, their needs, and preferences. Consider what questions your audience is asking and what problems they need solutions for. Use this insight to create a lead magnet that addresses these needs directly.

    4. How Do I Promote My Lead Magnet?

    Promote your lead magnet across multiple channels to maximise exposure. This can include your website, social media platforms, email signatures, blog posts, and paid advertising. The key is to ensure your lead magnet is visible wherever your potential leads are spending their time.

    5. How Can I Measure the Success of My Lead Magnet?

    Measure the success of your lead magnet by tracking metrics such as the number of downloads, sign-ups, conversion rates, and the quality of leads generated. These metrics will help you understand the effectiveness of your lead magnet and areas for improvement.

    6. Can Lead Magnets Be Used for Any Type of Business?

    Yes, lead magnets can be used for virtually any type of business, whether B2B or B2C. The key is to tailor the content of your lead magnet to match the interests and needs of your specific audience.

    7. How Often Should I Update My Lead Magnet?

    It's important to keep your lead magnet up-to-date and relevant to maintain its effectiveness. Consider updating your lead magnet when there are significant changes in your industry, new trends emerge, or you have fresh insights to offer. Regular reviews, at least annually, are recommended.

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