Case Study: HubSpot Integrations Break Tech Industry Silos

Case Study: HubSpot Integrations Break Tech Industry Silos

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    Storemaven developed as a pioneer in the dynamic world of app store optimisation, encountering and overcoming enormous hurdles to become a leader in the area. This case study examines Storemaven's path from dealing with the complexities of managing a growing sales pipeline to successfully adopting a comprehensive solution that streamlined its operations. Storemaven increased operational efficiency while simultaneously increasing customer and revenue growth by harnessing the power of HubSpot and PieSync. This story presents an in-depth examination of the problems, unique solutions used, amazing results obtained, additional benefits realised, and the successful cooperation built with HubSpot.


    Covered in this case study

    The Challenge
    The Solution
    The Results
    Additional Benefits
    A Successful Partnership with HubSpot and PieSync

    The Challenge: Managing Diverse Projects and Proving Long-Term ROI

    Before Storemaven became the first app store optimisation software, its founders faced a significant challenge: converting visitors into users through the app store. As the company grew, they realised their sales team was spending too much time generating and managing its own sales pipeline. The initial processes were very manual and couldn't scale. They needed to add applications to their software stack to automate as many operations as possible. However, implementing several applications at a time resulted in visibility problems as they couldn't oversee their customers' journey.

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    The Solution: HubSpot CRM Platform and PieSync

    Storemaven decided to find an app that could cover as many business processes as possible and use an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to connect the remaining apps. The selected tools were HubSpot and PieSync. HubSpot became their single source of truth, unifying all the capabilities of the different systems they were using. PieSync served as a link between HubSpot and Salesloft, identifying qualified leads in HubSpot and automatically creating them in Salesloft. This integration also allowed for contact updates from Salesloft to be sent back into HubSpot, keeping the sales and marketing teams aligned.

    The Results: Breaking Down Silos and Enhancing Sales Processes

    By connecting Salesloft and HubSpot via PieSync, the Storemaven team saved around 20 hours per week in business operations. The integration enabled them to refine their customer touchpoints and avoid bombarding potential customers with emails from both sales and marketing. Storemaven's customers and revenue have grown 25% since implementing this solution.

    Additional Benefits: Unified Business Operations and Time Savings

    The integration not only saved time but also allowed the team to focus on what really matters instead of managing contact data across systems. The setup was straightforward and required little maintenance. "After I set up PieSync I didn't touch the settings in 8 months. I didn't have to, it just works," says Jonathan Fishman, the company's first Marketing Director.

    Conclusion: A Successful Partnership with HubSpot and PieSync

    The partnership with HubSpot has been a success for Storemaven. HubSpot's extensive capabilities and the seamless integration with PieSync have allowed Storemaven to unify their operations and maintain alignment between their sales and marketing teams. This has resulted in significant time savings and a substantial increase in customers and revenue.

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