Case Study: HubSpot Improves Insurance Lead Generation and Sales

Case Study: HubSpot Improves Insurance Lead Generation and Sales

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    IDEAL Vorsorge GmbH (IVG), a firm that provides life insurance, indemnity and accident insurance, and pension plans, was faced with the issue of efficiently targeting its diversified and extensive range of services to the correct audience. HubSpot's CRM software provided the solution to this problem.


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    The Challenge: Time-Consuming Lead Processing and Sales Logging

    IVG was using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to handle applications and contracts for its insurance products. However, the ATS couldn't meet IVG's needs on the marketing side. The company was bringing in about 400 leads a month through an online form and processed every one of those leads by hand, which was extremely time-consuming. Additionally, the sales team was getting bogged down in manually logging outbound sales calls.

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    The Solution: HubSpot CRM Platform

    IVG needed a CRM that was powerful, intuitive, and could bring all their tools and information together in one place. After a thorough analysis, IVG chose HubSpot for its powerful CRM and tools, process automation, an increasing number of integrations, user-friendly interface, and competitive price.

    The Results: Enhanced Lead Generation and Sales Processes

    With HubSpot, IVG was able to scale from processing 400 leads a month to processing thousands. This was a significant time-saving achievement for the company. The automation also allowed the IVG team to enrol leads in workflows that were more personalised to those leads’ specific needs and interests, leading to a significant increase in click-through rates, growing from 10% to 20%.

    Sales Hub was a game-changer for the sales team. They were able to make calls via the Sales Hub portal, so every call was logged, and call recordings were automatically attached to the contact record. This meant less manual note-taking for the sales team and more accountability. The sales team was able to make more calls without the need for an expensive phone system, saving them a significant amount of time.

    Additional Benefits: Compliance and Onboarding

    The HubSpot CRM platform also brought significant time savings to IVG’s compliance department. The compliance team automated the process of ensuring that every insurance applicant’s credentials were current, saving each team member about two hours a week, for a total of 80 hours.

    IVG also integrated HubSpot with DocuSign to facilitate the onboarding of new insurance applicants. The integration allowed them to trigger an email and send secure documents automatically, which was a significant time-saving measure.

    Conclusion: A Successful Partnership with HubSpot

    Thanks to the efficiencies gained through workflows and integrations, IVG has been able to grow its workforce with the help of HubSpot CRM. The platform has proven to be a valuable tool for the company, enabling it to save time, increase efficiency, and manage its rapidly growing database of leads. Today, IVG continues to leverage HubSpot's powerful tools to meet its goals and deliver better service to its customers.

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