Fix Low Prospective Student Engagement With CRM

Fix Low Prospective Student Engagement With CRM

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    Higher education institutions face unique challenges in managing relationships with students, instructors, donors, and other stakeholders in the modern era. Traditional marketing efforts are losing effectiveness, so organisations are turning to CRM systems to expand their reach, streamline communication, and cultivate meaningful relationships. This article looks at how HubSpot's CRM solutions can be customised to meet the needs of educational institutions.

    Fix Low Prospective Student Engagement With CRM

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    HubSpot's Role in Higher Education
    A Quick Guide to CRM for Education
    Inbound Marketing in the Education Sector
    An Overview of CRM in Higher Education

    HubSpot's Role in Higher Education

    Customising HubSpot for Education's Needs

    HubSpot offers a versatile suite of tools and features that can be customised to align with the unique business models of educational institutions. From managing contacts to courses, donations, and more, HubSpot's platform can be tailored to fit the specific needs of any institution.

    Building a Higher Education Data Model

    HubSpot allows institutions to create custom objects such as Scholarships, Research Grants, and Courses. It also enables adjustments to the standard objects to better suit needs, such as Contact Types (students, instructors, etc.), Departments, Counseling Programs, Applications, and Donations.

    Managing University Courses

    With the Course Custom Object, institutions can seamlessly track course enrollments, waitlists, and other relevant information, such as Course title, type, credits, capacity, and enrollment numbers.

    HubSpot's Deal Object can effectively track admissions information, including applicant info and tuition revenue. It also allows for a streamlined Donation Pipeline, enhancing fundraising efforts.

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    A Quick Guide to CRM for Education

    CRM software for education manages interactions with prospective and current students, alumni, employees, donors, and others. It collects essential information and stores it in an easily accessible database, enabling personalised messages across all channels.

    Managing Students Through Their Enrollment Journey

    A CRM platform helps create a straightforward journey for onboarding new students, ensuring accurate data capture and contact management.

    Handling Student and Internal Communications

    The right CRM software provides tools for efficient communication, personalised and targeted messaging, and ensures timely information dissemination.

    Measuring Progress and Monitoring Payments

    A CRM helps track an institution's progress, providing insights into success metrics. It also aids in collecting and tracking payments, producing fee statements, and managing reminders.

    Measuring Marketing ROI

    Education CRMs can assess the sources of the highest converting clients, providing a view of the success of marketing efforts and attributing admission success to specific platforms.

    Inbound Marketing in the Education Sector

    HubSpot helps educational institutions attract higher-quality traffic to their website, convert that traffic into prospective students, and nurture those prospects into applicants.

    Personalising Relationships

    HubSpot enables engagement with audiences through customised content unique to their stage in the admission cycle, area of study, or website activity.

    Speeding Up the Enrollment Cycle

    HubSpot's tools allow for the creation of multiple conversion points to tailor campaigns and shorten the time between a prospective student’s first visit and their application submission.

    Measuring Campaign ROI

    HubSpot's closed-loop analytics directly attribute enrollments to marketing campaigns, providing a comprehensive view of a prospective student’s journey.

    An Overview of CRM in Higher Education

    HubSpot's CRM for Higher Education offers a comprehensive solution for institutions looking to optimise their outreach and streamline various processes. From customisation to tracking, communication, and analytics, HubSpot's offerings are designed to meet the unique needs of the education sector.

    By embracing these tools, educational institutions can enhance user experience, increase access to data, and save time, contributing to a more effective and efficient system.

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