CRM for Personalised Banking Experiences

CRM for Personalised Banking Experiences

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    Delivering customised experiences to consumers has become a significant distinction in the dynamic and competitive world of banking. The growth of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, particularly HubSpot CRM, is changing the way banks communicate with their customers. Velocity is uniquely positioned as a Platinum HubSpot partner to help banks and financial institutions through the numerous ways CRM can improve client engagement and customisation.

    CRM for Personalised Banking Experiences

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    Understanding the Need for Personalisation in Banking
    HubSpot CRM: A Game Changer for the Banking Sector
    Realising the Benefits of CRM in Banking
    Case Study: Prestiti - Revolutionising Banking with HubSpot CRM
    The Future of Banking with CRM

    Understanding the Need for Personalisation in Banking

    The banking sector has transformed, driven by evolving customer expectations and technological advancements. Today’s customers seek banking experiences that are not only convenient but also tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Personalisation in banking is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity for institutions looking to build long-term customer relationships and loyalty.

    Data-Driven Insights for Personalisation

    At the heart of personalisation is data. CRM systems like HubSpot CRM enable banks to collect and analyse customer data efficiently, providing insights into customer behaviours, preferences, and needs. This data-driven approach allows banks to create more relevant products and services, ensuring that offerings resonate with the individual needs of their customers.

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    HubSpot CRM: A Game Changer for the Banking Sector

    HubSpot CRM stands out as a versatile tool that aligns perfectly with the needs of the banking sector. It offers various features that empower banks to deliver personalised experiences at scale.

    Centralising Customer Information

    One of the core strengths of HubSpot CRM is its ability to centralise customer information. By integrating various customer touchpoints, the CRM creates a comprehensive and unified view of the customer. This centralised data pool is crucial for understanding customer journeys and crafting personalised banking experiences.

    Automating Customer Interactions

    Automation is another critical feature of HubSpot CRM. Banks can automate routine communications and processes, ensuring consistent and timely interactions with customers. This not only improves efficiency but also allows for more personalised communication, as each interaction can be tailored based on customer data.

    Enhancing Customer Service

    HubSpot CRM’s sophisticated tools enhance customer service operations. Banks can use the CRM to track customer queries, complaints, and feedback, ensuring swift and effective resolution. This level of responsive service fosters trust and strengthens customer relationships.

    Realising the Benefits of CRM in Banking

    Implementing CRM in banking brings a multitude of benefits, reflecting positively on customer satisfaction and business growth.

    Improved Customer Retention and Loyalty

    By personalising banking experiences, CRM helps in building deeper customer relationships. Satisfied customers are more likely to remain loyal, leading to increased customer retention and lifetime value.

    Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities

    CRM systems provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enabling banks to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. By offering relevant products and services at the right time, banks can enhance revenue while improving customer satisfaction.

    Streamlining Operations

    CRM implementation streamlines various banking operations, from customer onboarding to service delivery. This operational efficiency reduces costs and improves the overall customer experience.

    Case Study: Prestiti - Revolutionising Banking with HubSpot CRM Prestiti, a new FinTech venture by Admiral Group, launched in 2022, has been a trailblazer in providing digital insurance products since 2008. Their foray into the banking sector, particularly in offering online loans, has been marked by a commitment to delivering customer-centric solutions, perfectly aligned with the modern demands of the financial world.

    Challenges and Goals

    In the heavily regulated financial sector, creating compliant digital products that integrate seamlessly with existing systems is a formidable challenge. Prestiti aimed to build a customer-focused system, offering a straightforward and tailored journey for each client, a task made more complex by the sector's regulatory demands.

    Implementation of HubSpot CRM Prestiti's development team, supported by Exelab, integrated 15 diverse systems using cloud-based technologies within HubSpot CRM. This integration was pivotal in managing the loan lifecycle and centralising customer information, significantly enhancing pre and post-sales customer relationship activities.

    Achievements with HubSpot CRM

    • Streamlined Processes: Over 100 active workflows were established for automation, marketing campaigns, and support ticketing.
    • Team Collaboration: 8 teams with varied roles and permissions were seamlessly integrated to manage every phase of the customer lifecycle.
    • Enhanced Loan Request Funnel: The loan request process was fully integrated with HubSpot, enabling the tracking of user actions and generating personalised sales, marketing, and customer service activities throughout the loan request journey.
    • Optimised User Experience: Using HubSpot's CMS, Prestiti developed a website that offered complete control over user experience, facilitating proactive strategies and data-driven sales, marketing, and customer service.
    • Customised CRM Solution: The CRM was tailored to meet specific client needs, enabling instant communication with management systems and integrated process management.

    Impact on Business

    HubSpot CRM empowered Prestiti to enhance its sales processes and customer relationships, leading to increased conversions and maximised operational efficiency. The CRM's flexibility and simplicity allowed the company to focus on its core business needs while promoting customer-centricity, a key driver of their products and operations.


    This case study exemplifies how HubSpot CRM, with its customisable and integrated solutions, can transform the banking experience, aligning it with customer expectations and streamlining operations for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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    The Future of Banking with CRM

    The integration of CRM systems like HubSpot CRM in banking is not just a trend; it’s the future. As customer expectations continue to evolve, banks must embrace these technologies to stay competitive. With Velocity’s expertise as a Platinum HubSpot partner, banks can navigate this journey, ensuring they offer not just services, but truly personalised banking experiences.

    Embrace the Future with Velocity and HubSpot CRM

    Ready to transform your banking institution with personalised customer experiences? Contact Velocity, your trusted Platinum HubSpot partner, and embark on a journey towards exceptional customer engagement and business growth. Discover the power of CRM in banking – contact us today.

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