Facebook Ads vs Facebook Post Boosts

Facebook Ads vs Facebook Post Boosts

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    Advertising on social media has become somewhat of a necessity for any business. Social channels have proven to be far more cost effective than the traditional marketing methods. Your Facebook page has become your store front, your customer liaison and product brochure, therefore it is imperative that you do portray your business correctly.

    Social media has made it easy to gain new clients and continuously engage with them. Facebook has provided us with useful tools to promote our brands to where we imagine it to be.

    By creating a Facebook business page, you can post various types of content to engage with your followers. Any posts made will be displayed on your business page timeline and will reflect in a follower’s newsfeed (unless you or the follower has hidden the post).

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    The following On-Page Boosts can be made:

    Post/Image/Video boost – this means that you can spend money to turn the post into an ad. This will not remove the static post from your timeline but will promote the post to display in non-followers’ news feeds, all based on your chosen targeting. You are also able to promote your business. This is either promoting your call-to-action button on your page (such as email, contact us, etc) or by directing people to your website. This ad does not have to display on your timeline and is displayed on potential customers’ news feeds based on your chosen targeting.


    Facebook has also launched a Facebook Business Manager. You need to be the page owner in order to add the page to your Facebook Business Manager tool. This is an online platform, used to create several different types of Facebook ads. These ads are not displayed on the page timeline at all, and therefore will not overload your business page with repetitive content/images/videos. The business tool enables the page owner to create an array of ads that cannot be done during “On Page Boosting”. These can include anything from lead generation to ads that promote engagement. Ads that are created and boosted via the Facebook Business Manager tool will also display on Instagram, as well as on the right-hand side of your Facebook newsfeed. You are also able to refine your targeting on these ads. Below is an image that will indicate the basic differences between “On Page Boosting” and Facebook Ads via Business Manager.

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