Did You Know That Hubspot Can Be USed As A Recruitment Tool?

Did You Know That Hubspot Can Be USed As A Recruitment Tool?

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    We all know that HubSpot is a powerhouse of a marketing tool. With its slick inbound racing lines and funnel-topping torque, it's simple to see why so many brands are leaning on the tech that's lurking underneath this beast's hood. But what if we told you that this old workhorse has more to offer than just old-fashioned targeted marketing workflows?


    With a flick of the switch, HubSpot can be used as a way to attract, nurture and delight prospective employees. Sounds great, right? well, let's show you how!

    How To Turn HubSpot Into Your Very Own Managed Services Provider

    In a nutshell, the trick is to take the logic embedded into automated pipeline management flow and apply it to your hiring process. Makes sense? Yup! Not only will this ensure that prime candidates don't slip through the cracks, but will also ensure that only qualifying "leads" make the cut. Here's how in five easy steps.

    Step 1

    To make this work, we use a custom object for "Jobs" and associate people to jobs they apply for using a form. This operates the same way as your content download workflows. Once the applicant is enrolled in the workflow, they get assigned as a deal in our “Hiring pipeline”.

    The hiring manager is then alerted that a new “deal” has been created, they qualify the applicant and move their deal stage to “phone screen” if they are interested in speaking with them. As this stage change happens, you can automatically send them an email with your HubSpot Meetings link for them to book a screening call.

    Step 2 

    Once you complete the screening call, your hiring manager decides whether to progress this candidate or not. If you advance them to your next phase, ask your hiring manager to rank the candidate based on hiring values, scaling 1 to 10.

    Step 3

    As soon as values have been assigned to each category, use a deals-based workflow to copy over the "Candidate score”. This total score gets translated into the deal amount so hiring managers can see the total score throughout the pipeline. Should candidates not meet your criteria, move them to Unqualified and prompt the user to enter why this person is unqualified and if a rejection mail should be sent automatically.

    Step 4

    Capturing this information immediately after the unqualified designation is selected eases up downstream bottlenecks in your hiring pipeline. The rejection automation deal-based workflow takes this information and copies it into a contact property, and then sends a personalised email based on that property. This workflow not only saves the hiring team time and notifies candidates where they stand, but it also ensures that you are providing feedback throughout your hiring process to prospective candidates.

    Last Step

    Finally, once you have narrowed down your candidates and have found someone you want to have joined your team, you can leverage a custom quote template. This is sent from HubSpot and includes an offer letter where their job title, annual salary, and start date are all populated from fields on the deal and merged into our custom quote template. Once that letter is signed, use a quote-based workflow to mark the deal as closed-won, notify the hiring manager, and/or operations team to get the process started of bringing them on board.

    Interested in learning more about HubSpot as a CRM Platform and building custom solutions like this? Then you're in luck because Velocity Media specialises in just that, so give us a shout!

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