Improving Customer Experience in Construction with HubSpot CRM

Improving Customer Experience in Construction with HubSpot CRM

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    Efficient communication and project management are crucial in the construction industry. Swedish company Dryft, a home improvement provider, faced rapid growth and the limitations of outdated tools. Co-founder Johannes Ivarsson realised the need for a scalable solution, leading to the adoption of HubSpot CRM. This case study explores how HubSpot CRM saved time, improved efficiency, and doubled customer experience quality, empowering Dryft’s team and enhancing client satisfaction for sustainable growth.

    Case Study: Enhancing Customer Experience in Construction with HubSpot CRM

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    Company: Dryft
    Industry: Construction
    Location: Sweden
    Company Size: Mid-Market (25-200 employees)
    Products Used: Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub
    Time Saved: 75%
    Customer Experience Improvement: 2x


    Dryft, a Swedish full-service provider of home improvements, energy efficiency, and maintenance services, faced rapid growth since its founding in 2020. As their client base expanded, co-founder Johannes Ivarsson realised that the existing mix of spreadsheets, shared email addresses, and informal communication could not sustain their growth. They needed a comprehensive CRM solution to centralise information and streamline processes.

    The Challenge

    For Dryft, creating an exceptional customer experience starts with informed customer service. The company needed a flexible CRM that could facilitate the flow of information across the entire team, from in-office staff to on-the-go craftsmen. With 80% of their workforce frequently out in the field, relying on informal channels was not feasible. They required a structured system to ensure everyone had the necessary information on the right device.

    The Solution

    After thorough research, Johannes chose HubSpot CRM for its comprehensive features, ease of use, and exceptional mobile app. HubSpot’s mobile CRM allowed Dryft to create a seamless flow of information from sales to production, ensuring that every team member, whether in the office or on-site, had access to crucial customer data.


    Dryft integrated HubSpot CRM to manage their entire workflow. When a lead fills out a form on their website, the sales team schedules a visit to the customer’s home, logs information, creates quotes, and sends recap emails—all within the HubSpot app. Once a deal is signed, craftsmen use the mobile CRM to access the customer’s history and log project progress, ensuring they are fully informed before starting any work.

    Dryft also set up over 300 workflows in HubSpot to automate information sharing, reducing the time spent on manual communication and ensuring timely updates for all relevant parties.


    The integration of HubSpot CRM led to significant improvements for Dryft:

    • Time Saved: Employees now spend less than an hour on tasks that previously took half a day, a 75% reduction in time spent on information sharing.
    • Enhanced Customer Experience: By ensuring the right information is available to the right person at the right time, Dryft doubled the quality of its services.
    • Empowered Employees: Craftsmen, equipped with complete customer histories and project details, take greater ownership of their work, leading to higher job satisfaction and better customer interactions.

    Finding Your Fit

    HubSpot CRM has been instrumental in Dryft’s ability to scale efficiently while maintaining high standards of customer service. The seamless flow of information and structured processes facilitated by HubSpot has empowered Dryft’s employees and significantly improved their customer experience.

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    FAQs About HubSpot CRM in the Construction Industry

    1. How does HubSpot CRM benefit construction companies?

    HubSpot CRM centralises project data, schedules, and communications, ensuring real-time updates and better coordination. It streamlines project management, resource allocation, and client communication, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    2. Can HubSpot CRM be used on mobile devices?

    Yes, HubSpot CRM has a powerful mobile app that allows team members to access the CRM from any device. This feature is particularly useful for on-the-go staff like salespeople and craftsmen who need real-time information.

    3. How does HubSpot CRM improve customer experience in construction?

    HubSpot CRM ensures that all team members, from sales to production, have access to comprehensive customer information. This enables informed interactions, timely updates, and a seamless flow of information, leading to a significantly better customer experience.

    4. What specific features of HubSpot CRM are most beneficial for construction companies?

    Key features include centralised data management, robust analytics, automated workflows, and mobile accessibility. These tools help manage leads, track project progress, and facilitate communication across the entire team.

    5. How does HubSpot CRM help with resource allocation in construction projects?

    HubSpot CRM provides robust analytics and reporting features that help forecast needs and monitor resource utilisation. This ensures materials and labour are optimally allocated, reducing wastage and increasing efficiency.

    6. Is HubSpot CRM scalable for growing construction companies?

    Yes, HubSpot CRM is highly scalable, making it suitable for construction companies of all sizes. Its flexible features and comprehensive tools can adapt to the evolving needs of a growing business.

    7. How does HubSpot CRM support remote and field workers in construction?

    The HubSpot mobile app allows remote and field workers to access and update project information in real-time. This ensures that all team members are informed and can communicate effectively, regardless of their location.

    8. What are the advantages of using HubSpot CRM for sales pipeline management in construction?

    HubSpot CRM simplifies sales pipeline management with its intuitive interface and automation tools. It helps track leads from initial contact to project completion, ensuring no opportunities are missed and sales processes are streamlined.

    9. How secure is the data stored in HubSpot CRM?

    HubSpot CRM offers robust data management and security features, including cloud-based storage with high-security standards. This ensures that all customer and project data is protected from potential breaches.

    10. Why should construction companies choose HubSpot CRM over other CRM systems?

    HubSpot CRM is user-friendly, highly scalable, and offers comprehensive features tailored to the needs of construction companies. Its mobile app, automation capabilities, and strong support make it an ideal choice for enhancing efficiency and customer experience in the construction industry.

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