Increasing Sales By Making Your Website Easier To Use

Increasing Sales By Making Your Website Easier To Use

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    Your website is like the window of your business. Making it easy to use isn't just about how it looks; it's a key part of getting more sales. This article will explain why website usability, user experience, and conversion optimisation are so important to your marketing plan if you want to see a big jump in sales.

    Increasing Sales By Making Your Website Easier To Use

    Covered in this article

    The Importance of Website Usability
    Enhancing User Experience for Sales Increase
    Conversion Optimisation Strategies
    Practical Tips for a User-Friendly Website
    Leveraging User Experience for Customer Retention

    The Importance of Website Usability

    Usability is not just a buzzword; it is a key feature that can make or break your online business. It means how easy it is for people to find their way around and use your website. A site that is easy to use keeps users interested, lowers the number of people who leave right away, and eventually leads to more conversions and sales. Studies have shown that a well-designed user interface could increase your website's conversion rate by up to 200%, and a better UX design could increase conversion rates by up to 400%.

    The key difference between these two terms?

    • User interface (UI) generally deals with the interaction between the user and the system, software, and applications - through text, images, buttons, and other interactive elements. The easier the site is to use, the more likely the user will spend time on it and visit it again in future.
    • User experience (UX) on the other hand, refers to the user's overall experience with a brand, product, or service - it relates to the overall user journey. A positive experience is more likely to yield positive results (i.e. increased conversions and sales) for your business. 

    Key Components of Website Usability

    1. Navigation: A well-structured navigation menu helps users find what they're looking for without hassle.
    2. Readability: Use clear fonts and concise text to make your content easily readable.
    3. Responsiveness: Your website should adapt to different screen sizes and devices. Mobile optimisation is vital as most people access sites via their mobile phones.

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    Enhancing User Experience for Sales Increase

    User Experience (UX) is a broad term that encompasses all aspects of a user's interaction with your website. A good UX design not only retains visitors but also converts them into customers, thereby increasing sales.

    Strategies for Enhancing UX

    1. User-Centric Design: Always design with the user in mind. Use analytics and user feedback to refine your design.
    2. Page Speed Optimisation: Slow load times can frustrate users. Optimise images and use lazy loading (the practice of delaying load or initialisation of resources or objects until they are actually required) to improve page speed.
    3. Interactive Elements: Use interactive elements like quizzes or calculators to engage users.

    Conversion Optimisation Strategies

    Conversion optimisation is the art and science of increasing the percentage of visitors who take a desired action on your site. This could range from purchasing to signing up for a newsletter.

    Techniques for Conversion Optimisation

    1. A/B Testing: As mentioned earlier, A/B testing can be a powerful tool for understanding what resonates with your audience.
    2. Retargeting: Use retargeting ads to re-engage visitors who have interacted with your site but not converted.
    3. Customer Journey Mapping: Understand the path that customers take from awareness to conversion and optimise each touchpoint.

    Practical Tips for a User-Friendly Website

    1. Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure your website is accessible and functional on various devices.
    2. Fast Loading Times: Slow websites deter visitors. Aim for a loading time of under 3 seconds.
    3. Clear Calls-to-Action (CTAs): Make your CTAs stand out and make it clear what action you want visitors to take.
    4. Secure Payment Gateways: Security is a major concern for online shoppers. Use trusted payment gateways to build trust.

    Leveraging User Experience for Customer Retention

    Even though getting new customers is important, keeping the ones you already have is just as important. A good user experience can help keep customers for a long time. Here are some ideas to think about:

    1. Personalisation: Use data analytics to offer personalised recommendations and content.
    2. Customer Support: Offer multiple channels for customer support, including chatbots for instant assistance.
    3. Loyalty Programs: Reward your loyal customers with points, discounts, or exclusive offers.

    Improving your website's usability, focusing on user experience, and employing conversion optimisation techniques are proven methods to achieve a sales increase. By investing in these areas, you not only enhance your website's functionality but also build a loyal customer base.

    Interested in taking your website to the next level? Contact Velocity for a comprehensive website usability audit and let us help you increase your sales today!

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