Onboarding With A HubSpot Partner Is Important

Onboarding With A HubSpot Partner Is Important

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    In this post, we will investigate the reasons why collaborating with a HubSpot Partner is essential in order to take full advantage of all the benefits that the CRM has to offer.

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    HubSpot, the all-inclusive inbound sales and marketing podium, assists companies in streamlining their business practices by putting the whole commercial kit and caboodle in a single location, positioning visitors into leads and nurturing them into delighted customers. Onboarding with a HubSpot Partner, like Velocity, lets you sidestep CRM pain points, helping you understand, configure and navigate the platform’s features, realising its true potential to grow your business.

    HubSpot Partner onboarding streamlines servicing your goals, challenges, prospects, and expectations. Seal the deal with training on how to maintain the system and the satisfaction of ongoing support.

    Covered in this article:

    HubSpot expertise and how to optimise it for your business
    Customised Solutions And Advice For Your Business
    A Support Network for Your HubSpot Implementation
    Expert And Centralised Collaboration
    Avoiding Mistakes and Maximising Your HubSpot Investment
    Your HubSpot Platinum Partner

    HubSpot Expertise and How To Optimise It For Your Business

    HubSpot partner agencies, such as Velocity, are experienced HubSpot veterans who have effected multiple switches for companies migrating to the platform. HubSpot partners are qualified with the same level of HubSpot expertise skillsets that HubSpot employees have, and possess holistic experience utilising the vast array of tech stack tools available. Partner teamwork on the backend ensures clients attract new customers, and gain a competitive advantage by using inbound services, and maximum ROI.

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    HubSpot partners are only accredited after they have obtained the necessary certifications. As a result, they can teach you the full range of best-practice sales and marketing strategies, as well as predict issues and solutions before they arise. Advanced customer support includes a direct line of communication between the Partner and the HubSpot HQ team. Similarly, HubSpot Partners act as analysts of current and imminent business goals, processes, and scope to curate a customised marketing and sales plan that helps your business evolve.

    Customised Solutions and Advice For Your Business

    Partner agencies deliver training sessions to familiarise you and your team with HubSpot features and troubleshooting challenges. During the onboarding duration, you are furnished with problem-solving skills, including post-onboarding issue navigation. Developing a relationship with your Partner allows them to gather insights into your company and take care of your advancing business needs.

    Collaborating with a HubSpot partner removes the guesswork regarding whether your sales and marketing actions are working by providing personalised solutions to ramp your company more quickly for lead generation, customer acquisition, client engagement and competitive advantage. A Partner is responsive to any non-working methods and is empowered with the ownership of changing them. They deliver visibly defined metrics and outcomes, giving you unbiased insights into how each element complements or erodes the success of your business.

    These include optimising:

    Web design

    To attract leads, the first port of call is a website that is engaging, user-friendly, responsive and SEO-driven. A HubSpot Partner provides an in-house web designer with technical expertise, able to create a visually alluring website attractive to your target audience, and well within time and budget specs. Also, as the majority of your web visitors will use their mobile phones to access your website, a Partner can help optimise your website for mobile devices, guaranteeing users have a satisfying experience.

    A Partner can easily and quickly detect site errors and correct them, using page revisions and saves, positively changing the course of your website direction. And, the Partner is tooled with actionable insights on how to optimise your website for search engine friendliness.

    Inbound lead management

    In an ideal situation, when leads are flooding in from all directions, having a Partner help you manage the leads makes good business sense. Partners also enable the smooth collaboration of your sales and marketing teams to increase productivity and deal-closing rates. HubSpot Partners deliver the centralised hub to coordinate all activities and amalgamate inbound marketing tools, letting you focus on expanding your lead pool and closing sales.

    CRM that integrates with your business

    Your company expands and so does the number of customers it serves. A robust CRM like HubSpot, with a Partner as an intermediary, easily handles their data to keep clients engaged and positioned to close sales. Partners are well-placed to help nurture leads and clients from the first point of contact to the investment stage. Here, new customers onboard and are primed to go with the Partner’s seamless integration of the HubSpot CRM. HubSpot Partners’ customer relationship tools let them organise and keep tabs on your contacts and the history of your interactions, letting you give prospective customers your full attention.

    Content management to improve marketing

    HubSpot Partners leverage their user-friendly content management to expand your SEO as you generate more content in line with your marketing plan and attract more visitors to your website. Partners are ready to improve your rankings and help you identify how to bolster your site or blog to increase traffic. Partners are proficient in multiple language domains in order to individually optimise for search engines.

    Enhance conversion augmentation

    Using a HubSpot Partner helps you track conversion rates and gives you a clear view of visitor response to fresh updates using factual information. The Partner’s platform lets you understand your audience’s preference traits to modify campaigns and strategies when needed to produce traffic increases and lead conversions.

    Niched email marketing

    HubSpot Partners come with the skills to customise email templates and tailor content to best satisfy customers, including automated and personalised subject lines.


    A Support Network for Your HubSpot Implementation

    Working with a HubSpot Partner gives you access to a multidisciplinary contingent of HubSpot experts from inbound marketing strategists to integration specialists and content writers, including CMS developers. The network contains:

    The Flywheel Model

    This model has three stages:

    Attract: Content, social media, emails and downloadables attract the prospects most likely to take up your services.

    Engage: Organising these prospects into lists lets you engage with groups of them, letting them feel they are on the receiving end of a personalised CX from you.

    Delight: This phase concerns itself with supporting your prospects and aiding them in reaching their end goals, creating delight.

    Expert and Centralised Collaboration

    HubSpot Partner experts work with you on one platform, regardless of whether you are using email marketing, unique lists, social media blasting, promotional tweets or handling form submissions. They are able to handle everything.

    Increase Best-Of-Breed Tooling

    This makes use of a CMS Hub to streamline processes, best-of-breed marketing and automation software, a powerful sales CMS with deep insights baked in, an operational centre, as well as reporting and analytics to strategise reaching the company’s goals.

    Level Up Automation

    A HubSpot partner gives you the power to harness automation to strengthen the thread between your customers, brand and service. This lets you develop practices to maximise impact with minimal output and processes.

    Avoiding Mistakes and Maximising Your HubSpot Investment

    Failing to take advantage of Partner training resources means you miss out on valuable CRM features, creating more work for your company in the long run through the incorrect setup and unclean data. It’s vital to create contact records for all stakeholder interactions in a company, from the receptionist to the CEO, letting you reach the right person at the right time.

    Failing to associate contacts and company records is mitigated by HubSpot’s automatic association, based on email domain. However, contact and company records are not synonymous, so it’s best to create separate lists. Manually saving notes outside HubSpot is a no-no; instead, you can use HubSpot’s import wizard to capture a comprehensive list of every online or offline interaction, eliminating the guesswork in preparing for calls and meetings. Failing to add contacts from offline sources to the CRM results in missed opportunities and potential embarrassment as you struggle to recall past introductions.

    Ensuring you associate deals with contacts and companies means you don’t have to research who a deal was associated with. HubSpot records all interactions with a contact on the contact record’s timeline, providing contextual data to further the deal down the sales funnel. Creating a deal without filling in the amount is not a good idea. The deal amount prioritises and filters the deal, and depicts the revenue forecast, so even an estimate is better than nothing.

    Blurring the line between too many deal stages and too few is a dangerous tightrope, as overcomplicating the pipeline may confuse the team and dissuade them from using the CRM, while too few deal stages mean the sales team will struggle to manage follow-ups because they aren’t sure where the deal stands. Instead, focus on the sales process milestones.

    Failing to conduct regular CRM cleanups means you will miss out on the current status of contacts, with last names, phone numbers and job titles changing regularly. It’s critical to conduct regular CRM clean-ups as the CRM is the nerve centre of all contact and company records. Inaccurate records lead to operational inefficiency and loss of revenue.

    Your HubSpot Platinum Partner

    Velocity, as a HubSpot Platinum Partner, can help you save on costs associated with HubSpot software and onboarding, as well as the expense of an external digital marketing team. By partnering with a HubSpot platinum partner like Velocity, you can access their tactical expertise in HubSpot and its updates. This is especially effective for timely implementation, as a HubSpot Partner has access to real-time updates from the parent company.

    In addition, as a HubSpot Platinum Partner, Velocity is committed to driving goal-oriented relationships between agencies and their clients. By working with Velocity, you can benefit from tangible plans for goal setting and achieving them, including periodic reviews to ensure accountability and ROI.

    Moreover, marketing downtime can significantly affect the flow of digital marketing campaigns. But, by outsourcing your marketing function to a HubSpot Platinum Partner like Velocity, you can maintain a stable marketing momentum. This way, your business can focus on its core competencies while leaving the digital marketing tasks to the experts.

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