Six Reasons Why Your Leads Are Falling Through The Cracks

Six Reasons Why Your Leads Are Falling Through The Cracks

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    You may have gotten your business to the point where sales leads are coming in and potential clients are knocking on your door. But too often, these leads don't convert to actual business. Here are some reasons why your leads may be falling through the cracks.


    As a business owner, getting leads in is a vital part of what you do.

    You may have worked incredibly hard to advertise your business, build content or a lead magnet that people interact with, push your social media presence, and pay for ads, and now you’re actually getting those much sought after details from potential customers.

    But despite having leads coming in, oftentimes they’re falling through the cracks and a lot of them are not being followed up on.

    The industry wide statistic is that 70% of leads never receive effective sales follow-up. Imagine what your sales could look like if you could bring that percentage down?

    Leads that aren’t followed up on have an almost zero chance of converting, so it’s very important to see why they may be falling through the cracks.

    This article will outline some possible reasons why qualified leads are falling through the cracks in your business.

    1. Your leads aren’t being properly captured

    First off, what does the system where all your leads are captured look like? Is it a dedicated email inbox or a shared spreadsheet? It may sound simple, but does your team actually have a central place to record leads and to see whether they’ve been followed up on or not.

    If it is an email inbox – how sure are you that potential customer enquiries aren’t going to your spam folder?

    If it’s a spreadsheet, is your team actually filling it in? It is very much worth checking if you need to put in more effort on the front end or back end of your lead capturing process and re-examining how you track and share information about your sales leads. Building a fool-proof lead capturing system is where good lead follow-up starts.

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