Technology and Tools for Customer Journey Mapping

Technology and Tools for Customer Journey Mapping

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    In today's competitive business world, understanding your customer's journey is vital. Client journey mapping technology and solutions have become essential for businesses seeking to create a seamless client experience. This article discusses the necessity of customer journey mapping and looks at products like HubSpot CRM, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Lucid Charts, and LinkedIn that can help with this process.

    Technology and Tools for Customer Journey Mapping

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    What is Customer Journey Mapping?
    Why is Customer Journey Mapping Important?
    Tools for Customer Journey Mapping
    Emerging Trends in Customer Journey Mapping
    Customer Journey Mapping With Velocity

    What is Customer Journey Mapping?

    Customer journey mapping is a strategic approach that involves visualising and analysing the various touchpoints a customer interacts with throughout their relationship with a business. It helps companies understand customer needs, identify pain points, and tailor strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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    Why is Customer Journey Mapping Important?

    Understanding the customer journey is pivotal for any business aiming to excel in today's competitive market. Customer journey mapping offers a strategic framework that enables companies to adopt a customer-centric approach, make data-driven decisions, and enhance overall customer experience. This methodology is not just beneficial but essential for long-term success.

    • Customer-Centric Approach: It helps businesses to adopt a customer-centric approach, which is proven to be 60% more profitable.

    • Data-Driven Decisions: It provides actionable insights based on real data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions.

    • Enhanced Customer Experience: It allows companies to identify gaps in the customer experience and take corrective actions.

    Tools for Customer Journey Mapping

    Selecting the right tools for customer journey mapping is crucial for capturing accurate and actionable insights. From analytics to automation, these tools offer a range of features that simplify the complex task of mapping each customer touchpoint. They enable businesses to understand customer behaviour, identify gaps, and implement effective strategies, making them indispensable in the customer experience landscape.

    HubSpot CRM

    HubSpot CRM is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline customer relationship management across various business functions. From lead generation to customer retention, it offers a user-friendly interface and robust analytics tools. Its seamless integration capabilities make it a top choice for businesses looking to centralise their customer data.

    • User Interface: Known for its user-friendly interface, HubSpot CRM is a straightforward tool for customer journey mapping.

    • Analytics: Offers extensive analytics features that help in understanding customer behaviour.

    • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with other marketing and sales tools, enhancing the mapping process.


    ActiveCampaign is a versatile tool that excels in automating marketing, sales automation, and customer experiences. Known for its advanced yet user-friendly features, it provides businesses with the tools they need to create personalised customer journey maps. Its pricing flexibility makes it accessible to companies of all sizes.

    • Automated Workflows: Allows for the creation of automated customer journey maps.

    • Customer Feedback: Provides tools for gathering customer feedback, which is crucial for improving the journey map.

    • Pricing: Offers various pricing plans, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.


    Zapier is the go-to tool for automating workflows between different web applications. It simplifies complex tasks by connecting various software tools, thereby streamlining the customer journey mapping process. With its real-time data integration features, Zapier offers a holistic view of the customer experience.

    • Automation: Zapier excels in automating tasks between different web apps, making the customer journey mapping process more efficient.

    • Data Integration: Allows for real-time data integration from various sources, providing a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

    • Usability: Known for its ease of use and simple design functionality.

    Lucid Chart

    Lucid Chart is a visual collaboration platform that specialises in diagramming and data visualisation. It offers a range of pre-built templates and real-time collaboration features, making it an ideal choice for teams looking to create detailed customer journey maps. Its intuitive design ensures a smooth user experience.

    • Visualisation: Offers diagramming tools that help in visually representing different aspects and touchpoints of the customer journey.

    • Collaboration: Supports real-time collaboration, enabling teams to work together effortlessly.

    • Templates: Provides pre-built templates that speed up the process of creating a customer journey map.


    LinkedIn is not just a professional networking platform but also a valuable tool for customer journey mapping in the B2B sector. It provides unique insights into customer behaviour and preferences, along with data analytics tools that can be integrated into your customer journey strategy - ideal for understanding B2B decision-making processes.

    • Networking: Being a professional networking platform, LinkedIn offers unique insights into customer behaviour and preferences.

    • Data Analytics: Provides data analytics tools that can be integrated into the customer journey map.

    • B2B Focus: Particularly useful for B2B companies for understanding the decision-making process of other businesses.

    Emerging Trends in Customer Journey Mapping

    The landscape of customer journey mapping is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer behaviours. One notable trend is the rise of advanced customer feedback analytics, allowing businesses to delve deeper into customer sentiments and preferences. Another emerging trend is the seamless data integration with existing customer experience (CX) tool stacks, enabling a more holistic view of the customer journey. Additionally, advanced reporting features are now being incorporated to clearly demonstrate the ROI Return on Investment) of customer journey mapping initiatives. These trends signify a shift towards more intelligent, data-driven strategies in customer experience management.

    • Improved Customer Feedback Analytics: Tools are now offering advanced analytics features for a better understanding of customer feedback.

    • Data Integration with CX Tool Stack: Seamless integration with other customer experience tools is becoming a standard feature.

    • Advanced Reporting to Demonstrate ROI: Tools are now offering advanced reporting features to demonstrate the ROI of customer journey mapping.

    Customer Journey Mapping With Velocity

    Customer journey mapping is an invaluable strategy for any business aiming to improve its customer experience. With the right tools, such as HubSpot CRM, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Lucid Chart, and LinkedIn, the process becomes not just manageable but also insightful. These tools offer a range of features from analytics to automation, making the task of mapping the customer journey more straightforward and effective.

    Interested in taking your customer journey mapping to the next level? Contact Velocity for a comprehensive consultation on how to choose the right tools and strategies for your business.

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