Top Marketing trends 2019

Top Marketing trends 2019

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    Top Marketing trends


    The digital landscape in South Africa can be challenging to navigate due to various factors and unique pressure points. Despite the many trials, Digital Marketing has remained relatively sound.

    While other industries are feeling the pinch, the Digital Marketing industry in South Africa has increased at a rate of 35%. Owning its right in the spotlight, there are certain trends and methods that will increase in popularity which will need to be taken into account. The Big Five social networks in South Africa, in no particular order, are Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and Linkedin.


    • South Africa’s total population is recorded at 57.73 million people. Of this, 31.18 million people (54% of the total population) are regular internet users.
    • Over 23 million people (40% of the total population) are actively engaging on social media.
    Social Media Reach (Top 5 Channels):
    • Facebook - 23 million users
    • LinkedIn - 6.9 million users
    • Instagram - 4 million users
    • Twitter - 1.67 million users
    • SnapChat - 1.35 million users

    In South Africa, the digital landscape is slowly growing popularity. While we are not as advanced first world markets, there is no doubt our trajectory is pointing in the same direction. The rise of content marketing and targeted marketing is imminent and perhaps already upon us, as the internet becomes more affordable and easier to acquire.

    We are also seeing more confidence in online marketing and other non-printable marketing methods. There has never been a more opportune time to get into digital marketing. The playing field for small and/or corporate firms is leveled in the digital sphere.

    With the amount of data analytics and reporting systems readily available today, assessing the success of a digital campaign has become much more feasible. As a result, there shouldn’t be a reason why a digital campaign can’t be ideal for your business.

    Thinking of running a digital marketing campaign to spread the word about your business? Then contact us or and view our range of digital marketing services, ranging from mobile and email marketing to content creation and automation.


    Top Marketing trends



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