What Is HubSpot Sales Hub?

What Is HubSpot Sales Hub?

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    Sales are the meat and potatoes of any business. But they aren’t always as easy as they look on paper. Selling the correct product to the needful customer at the most appropriate time is a skill – that takes considerable time to master.

    That’s why HubSpot Sales Hub can be the difference between a thriving and a middling company. But don’t take my word for it: let’s take a further look at the infinite benefits and possibilities HubSpot Sales Hub will bring to your business.

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    HubSpot Sales Hub Tiers

    Let’s define HubSpot Sales Hub a little better. It’s a programme which simplifies the sales procedure for you, bolsters customer relationships and allows your team to seal deals with more gusto. The software enables numerous methods to make your sales process a painless, automatic one.

    HubSpot is the ultimate customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps you with customer emails, meeting bookings, performance tracking – the list goes on. And, of course, HubSpot Sales Hub offers a number (four) of plans with specific features to drive home those sales pitches.

    Sales Hub Free

    This is the minimal-frills, free version of options in the HubSpot Sales Hub offering, and with no charge, its popular features include contact, deal and task management, email tracking and notifications, email templates and scheduling, document sharing, Gmail and Outlook integration, meeting scheduling, quotes, live chat and a reporting dashboard.

    With a HubSpot account without paying anything, you can commence using this plan in seconds. Perfect for startups and new entries into the marketplace, looking to simplify their sales agents.

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    Sales Hub Starter

    The level up in the HubSpot Sales Hub deck of CRM cards is the Sales Hub Starter, which has a cost of $45 per month, or $540 per year. This Starter pack has a place for a minimum of two paid users, and you can purchase more users for $23 per user per month, should you wish to. What’s more, by paying upfront for an entire year, you save by paying 10% less than you would if you paid monthly.

    With all the benefits of the free plan, the Sales Hub Starter gives you, in addition, the ability to remove HubSpot branding from live chat, as well as meeting scheduling, documents and one-to-one email. You can organise your sales process by routing conversations, repeating tasks and task queues, working with multiple currencies and receiving stripe integration.

    You get to operate with ease with simple automation and goals and get help on the dial with email and in-app chat support.

    We get it – your business has gotten off the ground but you want to automate your sales a bit more, increase deal closing and track sales activities. What more could you want for a great bargain than HubSpot Sales Hub Starter?

    Sales Hub Professional

    With Sales Hub Professional, you pay $450 a month, with five paid users included. You can increase the number of users accommodated by $90 a month per paid user. By committing to an annual payment, you save 10%. With this plan, you get all the features of the Starter pack, plus the ability to manage your growing team, with features like sales analytics, teams, standard CRM interface configuration, required fields, custom reporting and importantly, forecasting.

    By personalising your outreach at scale, you obtain sequences, one-to-one video messaging, smart send times, and ABM tools and automation. With the configuration, price and quote feature, you get the product library, calculated properties, and an eSignature. You also receive advanced support with phone support.

    Guess what? The Professional plan is for – you guessed it – professional people! The plan is ideal for companies with a sizeable amount of leads which ideally you would like to obtain more business with, as well as distribute these leads evenly amongst your team.

    Sales Hub Enterprise

    This is the flagship plan, going at $1 200 per month, or billed at $14,400 per year. The paid user tally is 10 paid users and if you want more users, you will pay $120 per user per month. The yearly plan is cost-effective so consider using it. With the Sales Hub Enterprise package, you get all the features of the Professional, plus you are given the power to customise your package to suit your business. Additional features include custom objects, hierarchical teams and sandboxes.

    You also get to extend your administrative controls with the advanced permission feature. You are enabled to coach and enable at scale, with playbooks, conversation intelligence, and not least, predictive lead scoring. Mention must be made of recurring revenue tracking.

    The Enterprise plan is the superstar in the HubSpot Sales Hub lineup. It’s for the highest functioning sales teams and lets you and your team perfect your sales scheme to make it as close to perfect as you can get. What is your rock star team waiting for?

    Advantages Of HubSpot Sales Hub

    Here’s where we talk about the myriad of benefits HubSpot Sales Hub offers you and your business. Sounds good? Let’s dive right in.

    Liberate Your Sales Reps

    With levelling up any business, the price you pay is an increased and more cumbersome workload. Sales teams end up spending more than a third of their precious allocated work time on admin tasks and therefore less on their core function: selling.

    So, here’s where HubSpot Sales Hub becomes an indispensable part of your sales team’s daily routine. All the repetitive and time-consuming tasks like nurturing and targeting leads are automated by the HubSpot Sales Hub software.

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    Allowing your sales team to focus on their real jobs should be non-negotiable, right? And with the Sales Hub, productivity is king.


    Bolstering Your Loyal Customer Base

    Turning your dream of a super loyal customer base into reality just got a huge step closer with HubSpot Sales Hub. It stands to reason that your existing clients are more than likely to adopt your product than those of your rivals. And Sales Hub is fortified with client-retention superpowers. Personalising emails, sent at the best time, when recipients are most receptive to them, makes retention a shoe-in.

    Most company customers stick with a company that understands their needs to a T. And it’s not just about managing perception. Sticking with a preferred company which caters to their needs increases the level of customer engagement and satisfaction beyond measure. Brand loyalty is real – and HubSpot is living proof.

    Seamless Performance And Goals Monitoring

    HubSpot’s ace in its deck of cards has to be its reporting tool arsenal. Creating custom reports in the HubSpot CRM is a breeze. Tracking the optimisational performance of your sales teams, products, forecast revenue, for example, just got a whole lot easier. On the fly performance monitoring with HubSpot is a cinch and gives you infinite peace of mind.


    Monetise Each Sales Prospect

    Potential leads are the seams of gold in your goldmine of lead generation. Dig a little deeper, and these become a wealth of opportunities. With HubSpot Sales Hub, leads subscribe to your services without a microsecond of hesitation – and for good reason.

    Its features, among them tasks, email templates and sequences are the gold standard and the cherry on top is the hub’s ability to automatically send your contacts sales emails, enable follow-ups, craft appropriate tasks and unenroll your leads once they convert.

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    But Why Should You Really Use HubSpot Sales Hub?

    According to a recent HubSpot report, close rates are shifting. More than half of respondents reported that their close rates remained relatively unchanged from 2021 to 2022 — while 35% reported an increase in close rate, and 12% reported a decrease.

    This is good news for marketing and sales teams in general. And, no doubt, HubSpot’s Sales offerings have something to do with it. Let’s take a deeper look at maximising HubSpot Sales Hub benefits and leveraging its advantages.

    • Sales Automation: The jewel in the crown has to be its sales automation feature. Saving time and money, improving operational efficiency for the essential functions of your sales team is a no-brainer. But you already knew that.
    • Integrations: Helping you to better synchronise your sales process with more aplomb and eliminating costly manual errors, CRM integration, API and G Suite, among others, make integration – organising meetings, sharing documents, tailoring your team’s performance, recovering data rapidly − as easy as flicking a user-friendly switch.
    • Calling: With this feature, you are enabled to communicate with your contacts and deals from your browser. No more having to browse your entire contact list. Direct communication is the touchstone here.
    • Smart notification: The smart notification feature lets you grade your leads, saving you precious time in the process.
    • Sequences: Want to queue your data and forward it to prospects? You can, with this feature – it lets you track emails and decide on the best sequence to improve the productivity of your entity.
    • Prospects lets you capture the IP address of all site viewed pages, delivering vital info about company domain name, region of sales and the list of related companies. It also allows you to define the essence and touchpoints of your existing leads.
    • Meetings: Manually arranging meetings is so five years ago. Instead, get with the programme and automatically update the meeting record when a fresh prospect joins the meeting, just by activating meetings in your HubSpot sales account.
    • Visitor Tracking: Evaluating customer interest is critical to your business. Tracking allows you to track specific candidate statuses and do the next task, according to the demand.
    • HubSpot Sales Pipeline: This all-important feature lets you manage every stage of your sales pipeline, minimising human error. By looking closely at the pipeline, you can predict the deal’s closing time with pinpoint accuracy.


    Velocity is a HubSpot Platinum Partner

    As an official HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, we’re fully equipped to manage your HubSpot instance, end-to-end, or à la carte.

    Let us empower you with optimised, streamlined and automated sales processes providing you with the opportunity to eliminate risk and identify further opportunities. For more information and to have a conversation with one of our HubSpot specialists, click here

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