What Is HubSpot Service Hub?

What Is HubSpot Service Hub?

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    HubSpot’s multi-pronged service delivery packages cover all facets of inbound marketing. The HubSpot Service Hub, in particular, is infinitely scalable, granular and integrable before even leaving the customer journey runway, taking your company’s CRM offerings to new heights.


    Simply put, the Service Hub is a vigorous software solution that provides your service team with all the means to deliver swift, pleasing and all-encompassing client services. The hub empowers you to forge onboarding and enhance existing relationships with customers by combining their service data and platforms into one CRM channel.

    The HubSpot Service Hub is directly incorporated into the HubSpot CRM, along with all of HubSpot’s software hub offerings (Operations, CMS, Sales and Marketing). Each touchpoint, interface and action is logged and tracked so that your service team can analyse, parse, learn from and master every customer interaction.

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    Why Choose HubSpot Service Hub?
    Subscription Tiers Of HubSpot Service Hub

    Why Choose HubSpot Service Hub?

    Because customer service has become the great differentiator. In our attention economy, with service provider options permutating and shifting the service landscape, customer loyalty is worth its weight in gold. Customer engagement is a two-way emotional relationship between you and your client, measured by the degree to which your audience repeatedly purchases from you versus your competitors.

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution has put the spotlight on seamless customer service from the beginning to the end of the service lifecycle. Agile communication between clued-up service agents and savvy customers is the norm. The ability to serve clients on a consistent basis, armed with contextual know-how, without a nanosecond’s hesitation, makes or breaks your business.

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    HubSpot Service Hub’s alchemical ability to turn ordinary customer service into supportive and positive interaction, where upselling comes across not as a phish but as a benefit to the client, and where predictive service analysis anticipates a user issue before it even happens: these are the value adds which further differentiate Service Hub from its competitors.

    Delighted Customers = Operational Efficiency

    It’s no secret that HubSpot’s revamp of Service Hub in the first quarter of this year re-energised the brand and relaunched its user-friendly omnichannel, with a renewed focus on prioritising the customer experience through improved team productivity and enhanced interactions. You spoke and HubSpot listened! With the refreshment came new features:

    Customer Portals

    With this service, the customer gets to choose if they feel their issues have been resolved or not. The client portal allows them to check their previous and open tickets stored inside their own portal, giving them agency to respond to the tickets, and wrap up and close out resolved issues at their own pace.

    Custom Feedback Surveys

    Forget about net promoter scores: they only increase the disconnect between service provider and client. Enter, instead, custom feedback surveys which open up a direct line of communication with your customer base, providing an instant indication of customer satisfaction, and giving you an immediate call to action. And the ability to activate personalised responses via automation to your survey feedback.

    HubSpot Payment Features

    Removing one of the biggest customer friction points from the service cycle – payment via a third party – this feature allows your clients to stay inside the hub, where you’ve nurtured an entire sales cycle with them - to pay right within it.

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    Subscription Tiers Of HubSpot Service Hub

    Now we come to the nitty gritty: the key features of the Service Hub, according to the subscription level. HubSpot Service Hub comes in four tiers: Free, Starter, Professional and Enterprise – and each subsequent tier contains the features of the previous one, plus new functionalities. It goes without saying it’s critical to select the one that best serves the needs of your organisation.

    Free Features Of HubSpot Service Hub

    HubSpot’s free “lite” features of its Service Hub are many and generous – and that’s putting it mildly. Late adopters of customer service tools are best advised to start here: a great litmus test of which tools are best fit for purpose.

    Some of the free tools comprise:

    • Ticketing: Customer concerns and issues get logged as tickets. Then, they are routed to service team members, parcelled and prioritised, and monitored in a single locality. This makes it easier for your team to separate service tickets for different revenue lines.
    • Shared inbox: All arriving emails and live chats are contained in a shared inbox that your entire team has access to, scaling communication (one-on-one or multiple contact points) without a hitch.
    • Canned snippets: Shore up a reservoir of responses to FAQs (frequently asked questions) that can be immediately inserted into emails and live chats to fortify operational efficiency and provide quick forward-facing customer service.
    • Contact management: Construct views and perform automated actions to oversee contacts and data
    • Channel switching: Empower live chat operators to switch their customer communication channels from email to live chat or Instagram DM and back again, all the while keeping the conversation going and on the identical thread.
    • Tasks and activities: Retain, monitor, manage and account for the actions and tasks that comprise your relations with customers.
    • Standard SSL certificate: Easily safeguard lead data and content creation with standard SLL on HubSpot Service Hub-related data. The result? Calmer, more confident users and heightened search result visibility.
    • 24/7 security monitoring and threat detection: Shield your CMS-hosted landing pages, blogs and website against cyber villainy with CDN and HubSpot’s security detail.

    With the free Mobile HubSpot Service Hub, your team is on the move and ready to tackle any issue, regardless of where they might be. Let’s look at some of the smartphone solutions, which contain all the features above plus:

    • Chatbots: Your service team is as mobile as their devices – on the road, attending to complex customer issues. Free them up with the chatbot features, so they can collect the data they need to provide on-the-fly solutions while they hit the ground running. Matching the correct solution from the best agent to respond to the right customer concern is key.
    • Live chat: A way of allowing your user base to reach out to your service team with any issue they might have. With live chat there’s always someone on the end of the line who can help with any question in a matter of seconds.
    • Facebook Messenger Integration: With what has become the standard chat platform with which businesses operate, you can now integrate your entity’s Facebook Messenger with the HubSpot Service Hub, ensuring your cache of data is complete and ready for any lead, prospect or customer you’ve been networking with on the popular social media app.

    Starter Level Service Hub

    This upgrade contains all the free features and more, plus:

    • Automated ticket workflow: Gives you the ability to create deals, trigger notifications, set reminders and enrol customers while keeping them happy.
    • Customer Feedback Surveys: Prefabricated and straightforward surveys assess customer satisfaction, enabling follow-ups and issue resolution.
    • Service analytics: Track service team performance metrics with analytic reporting of support volume and average wait time.

    In addition, you get shared and mobile inbox, team email, conversation routing, reporting dashboard, email scheduling, email tracking, notifications and templates, canned snippets, documents, HubSpot-provided phone numbers, calling, meeting scheduling, custom properties, and ticket pipelines.

    We have to include multiple currencies, simple automation, task queues, 1:1 technical support, slack integration, 1-to-1 email, payments (only available for customers located in the US with a US bank account), and list segmentation.

    Professional Level Service Hub

    This level contains all the features of the Free and Starter plans plus:

    • Post-chat feedback survey: Monitor the way new customers experience the service of your team, and trigger the survey to be sent at the closing of any chat session. View the feedback and aggregate it to find out what clients best respond to.
    • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Make SLAs for tickets in your shared email inbox, and receive updates on the tickets based on your limits. Depending on the time to first reply or close, the ticket shows the SLA, keeping your team accountable to best service practices.
    • Custom views in shared inbox: This allows each team member to see the most relevant tickets to them at the top of their inbox. You are able to allocate exact ticket types to specific team members to monitor escalating tickets and individual conversations.
    • Agent Presence in Shared Inbox: This feature allows service agents to see if other agents are already active with a ticket, preventing double workload and eliminating confusion.
    • Knowledge Base: Enabling you to create, monitor and deconstruct content you’ve crafted for lead prospects, clients and your teams. Keep tabs on your most useful resources and fill gaps in your knowledge library.

    In addition, you receive the HubSpot customer portal, custom surveys, reporting and analytics, permission sets, duplicate management, logged-in visitor identification, sequences, standard CRM interface configuration, custom reporting, help desk automation, and video hosting and management.

    The following add-ons cannot go without mention: 1:1 video messaging, ticket routing, standard contact scoring, insights dashboard, calculated properties, goals, forecasting, salesforce integration, knowledge base single sign-on, customer portal, service analytics, association labels, and call transcription and coaching.

    Enterprise Level Service Hub

    The most sophisticated level-up package obtains all the features of Free, Starter and Professional, in addition to:

    Conversation intelligence: By netting hours of voice data, you can utilise AI to target keywords in these calls to advance lead cultivation, analyse client calls, and finalise new agent preparation. Every recorded customer call yields uninterrupted and free-flowing sales-to-service funnels for maximum revenue generation.

    Playbooks: Your team has entrenched best practice processes as a matter of course and second nature. Ensure that your customers encounter upbeat, frictionless and powerful service provision at every turn. Playbooks with multiple characters best prep your team for every conceivable customer interaction. Call scripts and positioning guides guarantee every outcome will always be positive, enabling both parties and adding intrinsic and extrinsic value to your company and your customers.

    We cannot conclude without noting the following features unique to the Enterprise package: salesforce custom object sync, custom objects, recurring revenue tracking, hierarchical teams, field-level permissions, admin notifications management, sandbox account, logging in as another user, and custom goals.

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