The Strategic Benefit of Social Trends:'s Springbok Post

The Strategic Benefit of Social Trends:'s Springbok Post

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    Timing and relevance are critical in the fast-paced world of social media for attaining organic growth. Brands that successfully capitalise on social trends and news can significantly increase their reach, engagement, and influence. This article discusses the importance of harnessing real-time events and gives a compelling case study to demonstrate this strategic benefit.


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    The Power of Social Trends and News
    Case Study:’s Springbok Instagram Post
    Benefits for Brands and Agencies like Velocity
    Key Takeaways

    The Power of Social Trends and News

    Social trends and news have the unique potential to become cultural phenomena, influencing conversations and behaviours across large audiences. When a brand taps into these waves of collective attention, they can reap the following benefits:

    • Exponential Reach: Your content is shared far beyond your usual audience.
    • Enhanced Engagement: Higher rates of likes, comments, and saves.
    • Brand Visibility: Your brand is seen as current and relevant, adding credibility and appeal.

    But how do we move from theory to practice? Let's examine a real-life example.

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    Case Study:’s Springbok Instagram Post

    Setting the Scene

    In 2023, the Springbok rugby team returned to South Africa in triumph after winning the Rugby World Cup in France. captured this historic moment in an unconventional manner, which paid off substantially. Tess Poole, the social media manager for, commented on their unique approach: "I opted for a video that caught everyone by surprise, giving due credit to the owner. Since then, I've witnessed many others adopting the same footage. It goes to show, using a different angle often yields remarkable results." This Instagram video, posted moments after the team landed at OR International Airport, not only caught the nation's attention but also set a precedent for how real-time events can be captured and shared effectively.

    Metrics Before the Viral Post

    Before this post, the typical metrics for a Instagram post were as follows:

    • Reach: 2,500
    • Comments: 4
    • Shares: 22
    • Likes: 100
    • Post Saves: 18

    The Impact: Metrics After the Viral Post

    The Springbok post shattered these averages within the first 12 hours of the post going live:

    • Reach: 225,551
    • Comments: 133
    • Shares: 3,578
    • Likes: 10,686
    • Post Saves: 577
    • Follower Growth: 115


    A comparison of these metrics shows that the Springbok post experienced a reach that was 90 times greater, along with 33 times more comments, 162 times more shares, and 106 times more likes. Moreover, the post led to a net follower growth of 115. Clearly, the decision to capitalise on a current and nationally significant event yielded tremendous benefits.

    Benefits for Brands and Agencies like Velocity

    The strategy employed by can be a useful blueprint for companies across a variety of industries including technology, energy, real estate, and education. By actively participating in relevant social conversations, brands can significantly increase their online visibility, which is key for lead generation and customer engagement.

    Key Takeaways

    1. Timing is Crucial: The closer your content is to the event, the higher the chances of it going viral.
    2. Relevance Matters: Make sure the trend aligns with your brand’s ethos and audience.
    3. Measure Impact: Always assess the performance metrics to understand the full scope of your reach and engagement.

    Seize the moment by leveraging social trends and news to amplify your brand's influence and reach. For more insights on effective marketing strategies, contact Velocity to learn how we can guide you in achieving your digital milestones.

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